When Shipping with our company...

...please follow these easy steps:

• The documents we provide you should be taken to our office along with your valid government issued ID and TRN and your PD (passenger declaration - yellow form) obtained at the port of entry if the consigned travelled.

• The passenger declaration will validate your travel, in which case you must provide your passport to obtain your US$500.00 duty free allowance. If you intend to seek the assistance of another person we recommend you use someone you know who works in the system or ask our office for referrals. WE SUGGEST THAT YOU DO NOT USE HUSTLERS FROM THE OUTSIDE.

• After paying your warehouse charges our freight cashiers provide you all paperwork in the order needed for the manifest branch of customs. While you are making your way there, a message is immediately sent to our warehouse personnel to locate and bring your cargo to the examination area. As soon as your paperwork is verified and stamped by the manifest staff, you proceed to the inspection area. The friendly professional customs agent will examine your merchandise and advise you on the payment of custom duties . Any and all payments should be made to the cashier and a receipt obtained.

• After payment has been confirmed, you will be provided a gate pass showing that your cargo can now leave the warehouse.

Kindly provide the following information when shipping your cargo:

• Port of Destination
• Shipping’s Name
• Consignee’s Full Name
• Consignee’s Full Address
• Consignee’s Contact Numbers
• Proper Description of cargo
• Declared value and original receipts
• Freight Collect or Prepaid
• An SED (Electronic Export Information Form) if Export Cargo is above the value of US$2,500.00 at least 24 Hours in advance of the sailing of the vessel
• Power of Attorney for cargo not owned by shipper

Customer Tips

• Ensure all wood packaging material destined for Jamaica is Heat Treated and ISPM 15 certified
• Ensure that all Invoices are the same as contents being shipped
• Always speak to the freight specialist employed by INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT CONSOLIDATORS INC,. He or she will be happy to assist you
• Be careful and aware of your surroundings when you are on OUR PROPERTY
• Children are not allowed on the premises AS HEAVY MACHINERY IS BEING USED
• ENSURE YOU ARE PROPERLY ATTIRED. As per government rules, the security will not permit you to enter if improperly dressed
• Beware of hustlers. Only our freight specialists will be able to properly assist you to get your business done quickly and efficiently
• Only the Customs Cashiers are allowed to collect money for any duty relating to you shipment